Naked Ladies on the Road


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“How many roads have been memorialized in poetry? Can’t think of one?” the author asks. “Let me suggest Santa Fe’s Canyon Road, the Art and Soul of Santa Fe, ‘ he replies, “celebrated and legendary. But in the eyes of some, the City Different, as Santa Fe is called, a national treasure, the nation’s highest capital, has become a high desert Disneyland, a small city in search of an identify, ‘tourist-town U.S.A., ‘ a caricature of itself. That’s just my opinion, of course. I think this book humanizes some wonders and some warts.” The author, who lived “off the Road” for close to 20 years, uses poetry, often in formal form, to capture and capsulize the inconsistencies between the City of the Holy Faith and its sometimes indelicate “Road,” while evoking and provoking emotions, the purpose of poetry. You will be pleased you joined us. Mike Sutin is a commercial lawyer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and serves as pro-bono counsel to PEN New Mexico and the New Mexico Book Association. He is a member of both. His volunteer work for his street and neighborhood, and directorships on his neighborhood association and business and economic development organizations, afford insider sensitivity into the good, bad and ugly of Santa Fe’s Canyon Road. His poems have appeared in local, regional, and national small presses, and anthologies.

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