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This book is for anyone who has a passion for New Mexico letters, the American Southwest or the life and work of Jesse Nusbaum, one of America’s leading archaeologists-a man who was lauded by “Life Magazine” with a cover story when he brought Mesa Verde out of the mire of time to make it living history. Nusbaum fought to preserve the integrity of a large section of southwestern America which otherwise would have been lost. * * * * Rosemary L. Nusbaum was born and grew up in Marquette, Michigan. Of her many honors and awards, she holds in great esteem her place as a member of “Composers, Authors and Artists of America,” and the Sophrosyne Award presented to her by the St. John’s College Class of 1969. Her first full-length book, “The City Different and The Palace,” the story of the Palace of the Governors and its role in Santa Fe history, was also published by Sunstone Press.

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